How To Let Your Customers Know You’re Back

How To Let Your Customers Know You’re Back

on Aug 19, 2020 in Small business

Your business is finally back after being forced into lockdown by the pandemic. However, in the meantime, your customers have learned new routines and found alternatives to your products or services. If you’re going to rebuild your business and save it from permanent closure, you need to find a way of regaining your customers. 

It takes more than a brief announcement on your homepage or a sign at the door to attract people back to your premises. Coming back as a business during a worldwide pandemic requires a solid understanding of what your audience expects. There could be a variety of reasons why people are not heading to your shop right now. But these are the 4 most common problems: 

  • They don’t feel safe
  • They are not sure your brand is relevant anymore
  • They don’t know you’re open again
  • They are happy with your competitors. 

Spotless and hygienic premises are a must

If you’re going to prove to your audience that they can safely visit your premises, you need to invest in the services of a commercial cleaning company that understands how to sanitise. Ideally, shops and other public venues need to clean every day to avoid dirt and germ spread. Additionally, a cleaning professional is also up-to-date with the latest regulations and safety guidelines in practice. As COVID-19 remains a risk, you can’t afford to skip life-saving protocols that can avoid contagion. As such, keeping your premises clean, and informing visitors about the new cleaning measures can make a difference. 

Have someone shout out about your achievements

Has your business learned anything during the lockdown? You’ve probably adjusted your work methods and your strategy to face the new challenges. Now’s the best time to let everybody know about the changes you’ve made and the lessons you’ve learned. Ideally, you want to work closely with a PR expert who can share the news with your audience and showcase your brand in a positive light. A communication professional can create an engaging press release that brings your brand back under the spotlight. 

Think of it as a launch

Unless you create a buzz, nobody is going to know that your business is ready to open again. Your opening day needs to be treated like a launch date. Take to social media ahead of the date to make sure you can build up awareness. Mapping content strategically to create curiosity and excitement will attract your old customers again – and perhaps some new ones too! 

Write to them

Your old customers should be the VIPs of your reopening. The loyal customers who used to buy from your brand before lockdown need to become the first informed about your reopening. Don’t just share the news through a newsletter, though. Take the time to reach out with a personalised offer that is uniquely designed for them. Make it a VIP discount to thank them for their loyalty in the past. Or perhaps, you can launch a VIP offer during which they can buy unique products ahead of everyone else. 

In conclusion, opening your business after lockdown needs preparation. As an entrepreneur, you need to put your customers first and convince them to come back to you. Focus on making them feel safe, informed and valued, proving that your brand is still relevant. 

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