Creatives: It’s Time to Cash in on Your Passion by Launching a Home Business!

Creatives: It’s Time to Cash in on Your Passion by Launching a Home Business!

on Apr 3, 2018 in Startups

If you’re a creative person, you don’t have to just keep your talents as a hobby. There are plenty of ways you can earn money, and in some cases even make it your full-time career. Earning money doing something you enjoy – what could be better? Here are some ideas.


Blogging can be a great way for just about anyone to earn cash from home. Admittedly can take a while to get established and earn money, but if you start as a hobby, you can always aim to monetise it later down the line.  In time, companies will offer you sponsored posts and other opportunities for earning money.



Gardening is productive and keeps you fit, as well as keeping your own garden looking nice it can be a way to earn you some money too. You could grow plants which can be used as decoration, food or for medicinal purposes. You have the option of selling them as they are, or making your own products out of them. This could be edibles like jams and chutneys or skincare and beauty products. You could propagate seedlings, or even grow decorative plants and put together your own hanging baskets, terrariums or pots for sale.



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If you’re a creative kind of person, setting up a beauty based business will be satisfying and allow you to use your skills. From makeup artistry to cutting and colouring hair, shaping brows, applying for lash extensions and creating stunning nail designs- there’s a creative flair needed in these kinds of roles. Hen parties, girls nights out, weddings and pamper parties are good ways to earn money as you get to work on a number of clients throughout the one evening.



If you’re a talented baker, there’s a lot of money to be made in things like wedding, christening, birthday and other occasion cakes. Always use high-quality ingredients for the best result, free range eggs, real butter, high-quality cocoa powder etc. are all examples. There’s also a good market for special dietary requirements these days too, so you could offer vegan, dairy free, egg free and gluten free varieties too. To start a baking business, you need a high-quality oven and a fridge that’s just for your businesses use. A loan might be needed in some cases to get started, have a look at business line of credit rates before taking one out. You will also need to apply to your local council since you will be selling food to the public. They can then legally come by at any time and check your premises is up to scratch.



Whether you design clip art, logos, animation or something else entirely, there’s plenty of money to be made in design. It’s fun. It’s creative, and it’s something that you could really utilise if you have the skills. Open an Etsy store or launch your own website and sell all of your creations.



There are numerous ways you can earn a living with music, so if your passion lies here this will be music to your ears! You could use software to create your own tracks which can be sold, creatives like video editors are always in need of high-quality backing music, Teaching and tutoring music can also be well paid. Have students come to your home, or conduct paid video sessions via software like Skype.


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