Stop Everything And Change That Office Now

Stop Everything And Change That Office Now

on May 2, 2018 in Startups

In the business environment, your office is more than the arrangement of desks and chairs that serves as a performance platform for your employees. Your office is a place of inspiration that is designed to cultivate both the business values and the overall productivity of the team. You wouldn’t want to have dinner on a dusty table that stands in a dark and cluttered room? However, you’d be surprised by ho wm any business owners fail to notice similar issues with their premises. It is, as they say, just a place to work. Nevertheless, this place to work needs to give your team and yourself the chance to meet your profit expectations. Your office is your first asset in building a successful and exciting business. It’s not a matter of ensuring that the place is always clean and that the equipment is in working condition – these are mandatory standards. The challenge with offices is to ensure that they are in the best location for your business, and are designed to support teamwork, business culture and productivity. In short, if you want a successful business, you need to build your workplace for success.

Look for a better location

There is a variety of reasons to move business premises. But ultimately, moving is one of the first considerations when things can’t work anymore where you are. Most companies have to change premises as they encounter business growth. Indeed, when you run out of facilities, such as parking spaces to accommodate your staff and your clients, it’s time to look at new locations.


Additionally, when your clients are struggling to find you, it’s probably a hint that you need to search for a more accessible location. After all, clients tend to judge the quality of your business based on their first impression meeting you. It’s fair to say that if getting to your office was difficult, this is going to impact on their judgement of your services. Additionally, offices that are not ideally located, either because they are in the middle of nowhere – which is difficult for staff and clients who don’t drive – or because they’re in an area with a high crime rate, tend to boost their chances by looking for a safe, urban position. Ultimately, the decision to relocate your company offers an appropriate solution to tackle a specific set of issues with your current premises. However, relocation doesn’t come for free. In fact, you need to take into account the possibility of a first loss of earnings as you settle into new premises. Besides, it’s fair to say that better premises are expensive, and may consequently cost more than your previous office in either rental or purchase fees.


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Modernise your setup

The days of cubicles or individual offices are long gone. Nowadays, most businesses have chosen to embrace an open office design to maximize internal communication and collaboration among workers. The move for traditional offices that displays floor plans covered in walls and doors is easy. If you own the premises, all you need to do is to take the walls down – admittedly, with the help of a professional building team to ensure that you maintain your electric system and structure stability after the transformation. As a rule of the thumb, it’s the kind of changes you can do over a handful of days, using your local Cheaper Bin Hire to get rid of building debris as the office is reshaped. The modern take on open designs is to create an activity-based environment. This design provides a balanced combination of open spaces and task-oriented spaces so that your employees can actively choose where they need to be each day based on on-going projects.


High-tech office

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to give your staff the best chances to be productive and creative every day. On the one end, the office space provides a helpful setup for work. But the equipment available is equally important. In fact, office technology is now a key factor in business success. Using the best laptops for the task is one thing, but if you don’t provide sufficient collaborative and productive tools, your team won’t be able to remain competitive. For instance, more and more modern companies have embraced Slack to encourage teamwork and effective collaboration across the business at a project base. Creative sectors prefer to work with virtual whiteboards, which can be used to set up conferences across multiple locations at the same time. They’re also an excellent ally for brainstorming activities. Trello is also a fantastic tool for task management for mature teams who are confident in assigning micro tasks within a project to each other. There’s another essential kind of technology that every business should be adopting rapidly, and it’s assistive tech in an effort to make company accessible to all employees.  


Eco-friendly workplace

Going green is not only good for the environment. It’s also beneficial for the business. It doesn’t mean you should consider investing in solar panels and reducing the gadget consumption of your team to a minimum. But you can implement an essential green code. You can switch from individual waste bin to a centralized waste and recycling system. Additionally, the purchase of organic teas and coffees products and green office stationery is unlikely to disturb your team but can make a great deal of difference. Finally, you’ll find that de-lamping in over-lit areas and using LED light bulbs can considerably reduce your energy consumption and your bills too!


A fun place to work

What is a fun workplace? It’s a place where employees can relax and enjoy the day without dealing with high stress. For some, it’s an office that encourages casual workwear. For others, it’s an office where employees can decompress in a common relaxing area, through yoga or even trivia sessions. Contrary to the traditional and almost Victorian belief that people who work hard achieve high results, playful workplaces have proven to the world that knowing how to have fun together is the best way to become successful.



The bottom line is that the right office for your business is the ideal combination of open floor plans, tech equipment, environmental aspirations, and playfulness in the best possible location.


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