4 Reasons Your Business Needs An Email Newsletter

4 Reasons Your Business Needs An Email Newsletter

on May 26, 2018 in Marketing

New marketing techniques are being developed all the time. Almost every company relies heavily on social media marketing, targeted mobile ads and location-based advertising. All that high tech stuff is great and it can really help you to reach the right people and push sales but there’s still something to be said for the old classics. Email newsletters used to be very popular but they’ve fallen out of fashion a bit. A lot of new companies focus on the modern techniques and forget about things like email newsletters but it’s worth using them because they’re a great asset. These are just some of the ways that they can benefit your company.


Why Use Email Newsletters?

They’re Proven To Drive Sales

People often assume that email newsletters are a bit of a waste of time because customers tend to ignore them and never actually buy anything based on a marketing email. The truth is, they are actually proven to drive sales. When you send an email, you can outline the benefits of a product and then direct them straight to your website where they can buy it. That last one is a major benefit because you’re more likely to get people making impulse purchases. Surveys found that 44 percent of people have bought something directly from an email newsletter in the past and a lot of companies say that they rely on these sales to keep them going.


It’s Time And Cost Effective

Making an email newsletter is incredibly simple which makes it very time and cost effective, especially when it’s bringing in a good amount of sales. If you’re using newsletter templates from Postman, it takes no time at all to create a brilliant email newsletter that will reach a huge number of customers. It’s also direct so, compared with something like a social media post which may not be seen by all of your customers, you can be sure you’re reaching as many people as possible.

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Newsletters Help You Stay Connected With Your Customers

Forging a good connection with your customers is key to repeat business. That’s important because repeat customers are the ones that keep the business going. If you’re not having regular contact with customers and reminding them about all of the incredible products you’ve got to offer, they may forget about you. By sending them regular email newsletters, you’re always in their mind and they’ll think of you next time they’re shopping online.


They Increase Website Traffic

Social media marketing is one good way to increase traffic to your website, as is a good SEO strategy, but people often underestimate the power of email newsletters. Your customers aren’t going to come naturally to your site that often so they need a little push. You should see an email newsletter like a taster of your site. Highlight some of the best products that you’ve got to offer and then invite them to take a look at the full site. You’ll be surprised at how many visitors you get.


Don’t write off the tried and tested marketing forms like email newsletters in favour of new methods, they’re still worth investing in.


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