How To Find The Person Who Is Best For The Job

How To Find The Person Who Is Best For The Job

on Feb 10, 2020 in Small business

Having the right people working for you is vital in any business. Hiring the ‘right fit’ for the job will lead to greater productivity and a more motivated workplace. Getting the wrong person for the job can lead to your business suffering in many ways, not to mention the fact that you may need to either try and make the best of an employee or look at ending their time with your company. 


You will then need to go back to the drawing board and recruit another employee. But how can you be sure that you will not make the same mistake again? By reviewing your recruitment processes, and implementing a number of changes to the way that you screen applicants and assess their suitability, you will have a greater chance of finding the right person for the job. 


Creating The Right Job Advert

If you find that you are getting lots of applications for your job vacancy, but many of the people applying do not have the relevant skills, experience, or qualifications, then it may be time to review your job ads. 


Wherever you choose to advertise any vacancies in your company, you need to make sure that all of the details that are relevant to the role are included in the ad. This means that you should include a thorough in-depth description of the role. Be as specific as possible regarding the skills and experience that will be required. This will help to eliminate irrelevant applications. 



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Researching Your Potential Employee

Reading the applications of your potential employees is one thing, however, if you need to make sure you are doing full, in-depth research into the person that may be coming to work for you. 


Making sure that they are who they say they are, that they have the legal right to work and that they are not keeping a criminal record hidden from you is vital. You can do this by using SSN verification when hiring


A full and thorough background check will help to protect your business. You will also have legal obligations to check passports and visas to check they are able to work in the country. Having the right documentation on file for all of your staff is important as without this, your business could be facing a big fine. 


Improving Your Assessment Process

Often, the right person can slip through the net during the interview process. Some people do not do great when faced with certain interview questions, however, could be excellent at the job that they were applying for. Sometimes, the ability to confidently answer a series of questions does not indicate their skills and motivation, and you could be doing your business a disservice by ruling them out at this stage. 


By changing your assessment criteria and including a practical element that directly demonstrates their ability to do the task required, you will be likely to find the right person. By including a work trial, you will be able to really see who is best for the job. 



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