5 Podcasts To Learn About Technology

5 Podcasts To Learn About Technology

on Feb 21, 2020 in Small business

From our homes to our workplaces, technology is a truly integral part of our society. Whether you’re a novice or a tech-geek, there’s plenty to learn. Perhaps you’re looking to learn more about technology for your career, or maybe just out of pure curiosity? Whatever the reason, be sure to have a listen to a few of these top techy podcasts.


What The Tech?

What The Tech is a great podcast that allows tech amateurs and tech-heads both to learn new things and stay up to date with the latest news. Hosts Andrew and Paul, both working within tech and new media, bring you all the hot topics. You’ll hear about ‘the end of Windows 7 support’ plus rumors of ‘Apple’s smart eyeglasses’. This podcast will teach you all about Sony’s Vision-S electric car plus all the news from the latest CES trade show.

TechVibe Radio 

TechVibe Radio is brought to you by Jonathan Kersting and Audrey Russo of the Pittsburgh Technology Council. Hosts provide much knowledge and entertainment while they interview a range of entrepreneurs from some truly dynamic tech companies. Themes chatted about on TechVibe Radio include the social impact of big data and AI; and supporting women in tech. Recent guests have included Scott Rogerson, founder of Upcontent and Tim Park’s, CEO of Life’s Work.


Geek Speak 

Geek Speak is a weekly podcast by Lyle Troxell, delving into the realms of tech, science, and creativity. Ponder how technology influences our society, along with how individuals react to that change. Recent episodes on the podcast have included discussions of micro- extensions and ‘mapping database abuse with better apps’. With Geek Speak, you’ll learn about the alternative history of software and wind prediction with AI. Tune in, grab a beverage, and learn how to speak geek!


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The Women In Tech Show 

Your host Edaena Salinas, Software Engineer at Microsoft, brings you some truly innovative discussions about tech along with the exciting projects that women in tech are working on. Discover how AI and behavioral science can match candidates with jobs, plus the ins and outs of data protection. Edaena interviews plenty of amazing women in tech every week, including Nimmi Ramanujam, who developed a portable cervical cancer screening device.



The Thoughtworks podcast dives right on into the current tech topics using a panel of senior technologists to provide you with the best insights. Find out what you need to know about compliance as code and moving towards ‘self-serve infrastructures’. Learn about autonomous drones with Emily Gorcenski and cloud migration with Alexey Boas. 


When you’re braving the world of the startup, techy podcasts can be handy to help you bridge the gaps in your knowledge, from cybersecurity to the top infrastructure solutions. Managed IT services are a great call; by leaving the IT maintenance to the experts, you can get on with your projects. For more info on managed IT, be sure to check out www.spectrumwise.com/.




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