3 Reasons Why you Should Create a Blog

3 Reasons Why you Should Create a Blog

on Dec 14, 2015 in Blogging

Ever wondered why you should create a blog?

If you’ve just started a new business, or have just created a new website, you should create a blog. Here’s why.



Whether you provide a service or provide products, creating a blog is essential given how much time we spend online searching for information and products. Here are just 3 of the reasons why you need to create a blog – and add new posts regularly.


1. For Google

In the Google world – you can’t just set up a website and forget about it. You need to be adding new content regularly so that it gets picked up by search engines. And increases your search ranking. More on that another time. New, relevant and regular content is one of the keys to getting noticed – and not just by Google.


2. Increases traffic to your website

People who already know your business will type in your business name to find you. But, to increase sales you need to be bringing in people to your site. Increasing your web traffic. So how does a blog post do this? Here’s a simple example.


People who are thinking of developing their own website may think it’s an easy task to put a site together. They may be searching for tips on how to structure a website. Or what platform to use. Or trying to work out if they need a site that is hosted. Or where to go to for a web hosting service.

They might find answers on a web developer’s blog – but it may create more and more questions for them. What they thought was an easy task turns out to be more involved than they thought. At which stage they may decide it’s just too much and enlists the help of that web developer who offered them information. They may not have been searching for a web developer but they’ve come across you from your informative blog posts.


3. Your existing customers will keep visiting your site

If you’re not actively marketing your business with new products or different services then your customers may go elsewhere. Drawing your customers into a regular blog about topics of interest to them is a great way to get engage them. They will see you as a specialist in a particular area. And helps build trust.

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