3 Ways Outsourcing Can Help Your Business

3 Ways Outsourcing Can Help Your Business

on Feb 20, 2016 in Small business

Are you a solopreneur?

Here’s how you can learn to let go and get more of your time back

If you’re a solopreneur, you’re someone who sets up, then runs their business by themselves. You embrace working alone and you don’t even consider outsourcing. In comparison to an entrepreneur, who seeks to build a business to make a profit then sell, you’re content to do not to build an empire.

In essence, you work for yourself and by yourself. The problem with this is that you run the risk of burnout or doing a haphazard job of something that isn’t your speciality, or your core business.  Here’s why and how I took the leap from being a solopreneur and outsourced.


From a start-up point of view, I launched into my copywriting business with gusto. I built my own website, and tweaked it, and tweaked it some more. I connected with other writing communities and then I found Twitter.

While I was content to write a blog each week, it wasn’t until I found Twitter which seemed to consume a lot of my time, that I decided to use tools to manage social media. About that time, I also landed a few jobs that made me realise it’s time to outsource.



1. Outsourcing frees up your time for your core business

If you’re spending a lot of your time on admin tasks such as invoicing, replying to emails, tracking where jobs are at, then think about freeing up some of your time.

After spending an hour on admin the other day, just responding to two clients, I realised that someone else can manage this.

So, how did I do this? I set up another email address for me to send admin tasks to, and enlisted some help.  My husband, who has run his own business before, is now my assistant. Now we may not all have a partner to outsource to, or someone close to you that you want to outsource to. But outsourcing works well for these sorts of admin tasks.

With virtual assistants everywhere, you too can send through tasks and focus on your core business, which for me is writing. When you think about your time and what you’re doing with it, my mindset has now shifted. From thinking ‘how am I going to get this done?’ I now think ‘that’s a task I can get someone else to do’.


 2. Makes you less stressed

You’re in business to do what you do best and there’s no point running yourself into the ground because it can leave you with little time to do what you set out to do. A lot of people often set up their business so that they can have a better work-life balance. So they can pick up their children from school and get them to all their after-school activities.

If you’re running around doing things that aren’t your core business, then you’re not being smart in your usage of time. It can leave you always feeling like you’ve not enough time, or distract you from your earning potential. Look at what you can outsource and see how for some financial outlay, your business can operate more efficiently.


3. You get something better than what you could have done yourself

So this is a great one. We often spend so much time trying to fix things up or create things that are really not our speciality. Having built my own website, I’ve spent too many hours to count, adding things, removing things, changing styles, colours and much more. I’ve even tried to play around with creating a logo myself. To no avail.

This week I took the plunge and outsourced. I contacted Revenge Creative and they designed a logo I instantly loved.  They were fast, efficient and I had a selection of logo options to choose from.  My logo is something that represents me and my business.



From a small business point of view, it’s much more time and cost effective to outsource. Now, when I think of tasks, I focus on the writing and anything else that comes up I think, someone else can handle this.


So, now it’s over to you

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