7 easy website changes to increase blog traffic

7 easy website changes to increase blog traffic

on Apr 27, 2016 in Content marketing

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Have you just written a blog and finding your friends and family are the only ones reading it? Here’s 7 easy ways to increase blog traffic.

Having trouble trying to increase blog traffic?


Have you just written a blog and finding your friends and family are the only ones reading it? Here’s 7 easy ways to increase blog traffic.Here’s some easy tips to help get more readers to your blog.


Set up social sharing buttons


Social sharing buttons allows readers of your blog to share it with just one click.


New research has shown how social sharing drives purchasing.

  • Nearly 4 in 10 Facebook users report that they have at some point gone from liking, sharing or commenting on an item to actually buying it; and
  • 43% of social media users have purchased a product after sharing or favoriting it on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter

So it’s important to make sure social sharing is  enabled for your website and posts.

You can add social share buttons to the top of the post page, the bottom or the sidebars. All via widgets which are automatically placed for each blog post.

There are a number of social sharing plugins for WordPress which can help with this.  SumoMe is a great tool to use. There’s also Jetpack with social sharing buttons plus heaps more.


Use categories


Categories are broad topics that your blog fits into. They are a great way to showcase your blog content.

When you write a blog post, think about what topics or category the blog falls into. Add this to your post when you writr it.

In addition to assigning the blog to a category, make sure you enable categories to show on your WordPress website. These can be enabled in a widget on the side bar, or in a footer.


Create a related posts section on your site


Another great option so that visitors don’t click away is to add related posts. These display at the bottom of the page so that when the reader has finished the first article, there’s a nice image and headline with a link to a similar post.

related posts
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Related posts give another option to your reader to visit more of your site, keeping them there for longer.


Create a top posts or latest posts section


Top posts or latest posts again can provide your visitor with direct access to your other blog posts.  Rather than having to navigate through a menu, then scroll to find a blog, it’s right there.


Adding top posts or latest posts in the side bar or footer allows your reader to go directly to a post that they like the sound of. You can set the number of posts to show as well.


Use Click to Tweet


Click to Tweet is a nice little plugin that helps to promote your blog article across Twitter. It also has the added bonus of creating white space in your post. It’s a great idea to add two CTTs in each post to promote it.


Here’s how it works.When I ‘m reading a post, say about mountain bike riding in Melbourne, if I put in a CTT Here’s the best mountain bike trails only 2 hrs from Melbourne #Melbourne #mountainbike the CTT below is what you get.

When someone reads your blog post they can CTT and wham, the Tweet you’ve designed, with your keyword and headline is ready to share. It even attributes the Tweet with your Twitter handle.


Rather than rely on someone to write a headline, and copy the link, the hard part is done. If someone wants to share your post, it’s ready to go.


Create social media headlines


As part of the blogging process, create 5 different headlines or social media snippets for social sharing. In addition to your 2 CTT captions embedded in your post, create another 5 headlines to promote your blog post.


Sharing once is not enough in the social media world, particularly when the lifespan of a Tweet is 19 seconds. With busy Twitter feeds, social sharing needs to be done with a variety of different headlines and different photos. And promoted at different times of the day and week.


Ask people to share


You’d be surprised at the response you get when you actually ask people to share your blog around. Every blog post you write should have a Call To Action (CTA).  CTA’s show also be on every page of your website, email marketing and eBrochures.


A simple ‘please share if you like this post’ will get more shares than if you are just relying on social sharing buttons alone.




Try adding the above tools so your visitors have more options for sharing your posts. And to make it easier for them too.

To increase blog traffic you also need to promote off your site too, and keep creating blog content to share.

Over to you

If you need help with writing social media headlines, let’s chat. I can whip up some Twitter and Facebook headlines to promote your blog posts.


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