Not getting shortlisted for roles and feel your resume is letting you down?

Writing about yourself is something most people struggle with.

And if you’re unsure of the correct structure, tense and format it’s often something that’s put in the ‘too hard basket’.

If you’re put off by the thought of preparing a resume, then a professional resume writing service can take the pressure off the job seeking process.


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A resume is your first point of contact

Today’s online environment means you can easily apply for a role in a few clicks. This means that before too long the job advertiser could have 50 to 100 applicants.

So how do you stand out from the crowd and get to the shortlisting stage?

Apart from the having the right skills and experience, your resume needs to be written to showcase your abilities but not appear too sales focussed.

Most importantly it needs to show how you can benefit the company you’re targeting.

Writing a resume can be hard. But getting someone to do the hard work for you is easy.

Kelly has been very helpful, professional and prompt in organizing and developing my resume.

Kelly has made the process effortless with conversations on the phone gathering information and her straight forward approach keeping you informed and updated and has taken away any stress and uncertainties making me a very satisfied customer.

Nada Vizovitis

How does a professional resume writing service work?

Firstly, give me a call to chat or send me an email with the following:

  • the closing date of the job you’re applying for;
  • your resume and cover letter in Microsoft Word format; and
  • a scan/photo of the job ad.

This is what happens next:

  • A quotation will be provided via email
  • Once you accept the quote and pay the invoice, I’ll get started
  • Your resume will be updated and formatted
  • We’ll schedule a 20-30 minute phone consultation to drill-down on your skills
  • I’ll then provide you with a first draft
  • You’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback
  • Then your comments will be reworked  into a final version and emailed to you

It’s really a pretty simple process that ensures your resume is the best it can be for your next job application.


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