Here’s why you need a proofreader

When you’ve been writing a document and read it over and over again, it’s hard to pick up your own mistakes. 

Have a look at this scrambled text brain-teaser from Brainhq.

The last sentence says that we read the whole word, not every letter. In other words we read what we think the word is. Not what’s on the page.

A professional proofreading service can find your typing mistakes.

A document that hasn’t been proofed puts your company in the wrong light. It shows a lack carelessness and attention to detail. Unfortunately this can be the deciding factor on whether someone chooses your business over another.

So what is proofreading?

Proofing is the process of checking for grammatical errors, typos, punctuation and inconsistencies.

Proofreaders find all those homonyms – words that sound alike but you spell differently.

their, there, they’re
you’re, your
too, to, two
who’s, whose

Other misspelled words
definite, definate
noticeable, noticable
repetition, repitition
possession, posession, possesion

Just Google commonly misspelled words. You’ll find a lot of useful resources.

Word processing software is generally going to pick up typing mistakes such as hte (the) or ot. But it may not pick up when you write an instead of and.

When someone proofs your written words, they also look for formatting inconsistencies.

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They check to see if you’ve used the same heading styles throughout, whether font sizes and types are consistent. These things often creep in, especially in larger documents.

How much does proofreading cost?

Some companies charge by the hour. Some charge by the page or by word count. I charge $20 for the first 1,000 words. 

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