Ongoing SEO Packages

Is your website’s ranking gradually going downhill? And you are finding there are fewer and fewer visits to your site?

If you’ve been shopping around for an SEO package but confused and don’t know where to start I can help.

Weekly Monitoring

Rankings, traffic, bounce rate, referring sites and goal conversions

Monthly Monitoring

404 errors, sitemap errors, backlink review, keyword reporting, content review and backlink opportunities

Monthly Report

SEO report outlining your site’s results and tasks completed each month

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What to look for in an SEO consultant

Look for someone who is not going to promise fast results. SEO is an ongoing commitment to your website and business. It requires you to build authority with quality sites and that takes time.

People who promise instant results are using black-hat techniques – buying links and building too many links all at once.

These links can make your site fall in a heap pretty quickly especially if from sites Google has flagged as being low quality.

Recovering from bad links is an effort. So it’s wise not to get into that situation where you have to spend your efforts trying to recover from poor backlinks.



What's included in an on-going packages?

Tasks completed each month
  • Checking rankings
  • Check traffic
  • Checking bounce rates
  • Track goal conversions
  • Check for sitemap errors and fix
  • Collect and fix 404 errors
  • Pull down list of competitor backlinks
  • Review your own backlinks and update your disavow file
  • Keyword tracking
  • Run keyword report and look for new keyword opportunities
  • Review best-performing pages and posts
  • Drive internal and external links to pages and posts
  • SEO report each month
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What's the process?

  1. Before starting any ongoing package I do an SEO Audit of your site. This ensures all the technical framework and onsite SEO is up to scratch. There is no point building links if your website has issues.
  2. Making sure your existing content is optimised before moving to the ongoing part of SEO. I make sure your existing content is robust through SEO Copywriting.
  3. Now we are ready to start building your site’s authority. Month by month link building and keyword monitoring plus keeping track of any technical issues.


Ready to get some ongoing SEO help?

Do you need help recovering from a bad backlink profile? Or want to improve your site’s authority and the number of keywords it ranks for?

Yes? Then it’s time to get some help.

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Ongoing SEO
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Ongoing SEO
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Kelly O'Donnell,
Heidelberg Road,Ivanhoe,Melbourne-3079,
Telephone No.0403 898 007
Website monitoring and reporting to stay on track of your site. Checking your rankings, your competitors ranking and building a strong SEO strategy to improve your site's online presence in SERPs.

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