On-going SEO Packages

Need help looking after your SEO?

If you've looked into SEO you'll know there's heaps of tools on the market. They don't come cheap either.

As a small business owner, US$100 a month for just one tool is pretty hefty. Especially if you're not sure what tools will do the job.

Then you need to how to interpret the data and what to do with this information.

 That's why investing in an SEO consultant who has the tools and knowledge of SEO will prevent you from making mistakes that negatively impact your rankings.

And they'll save you money in the long run.

Don't want to stuff up your website? Then it's time to get some SEO help.

I want help with SEO

Here's what an on-going SEO package includes

Weekly monitoring 

  • Checking rankings
  • Check traffic
  • Checking bounce rates
  • Track goal conversions

Monthly monitoring

  • Check for sitemap errors
  • Collect and fix 404 errors
  • Pull down list of competitor backlinks
  • Review your own backlinks – update disavow file
  • Keyword tracking
  • Run keyword report and look for new opportunities
  • Review best performing pages and posts – drive internal and external links
  • SEO report

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Keeping up with SEO changes

I've completed the The Recipe For SEO Success eCourse.

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 I keep up to date with SEO by listening to podcasts, and reading articles from Moz, SEMrush, Kate Toon and other highly respected SEO companies.

TIP: What to look for in an SEO consultant

Look for someone who is not going to promise fast results. SEO is an ongoing commitment to your website and business.

People who promise instant results are using dodgy link-building strategies from low quality sites that have little unique content.

SEO requires building authority with quality sites and that takes time.

Other services

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SEO Audits
SEO copywriting
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