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Hi there and thanks for visiting my site. I’m a freelance writer based in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs. I help small business owners with digital content writing as well as a range of other writing and proofreading services.

Lead magnets

Is your website lacking a lead magnet? Or perhaps you don’t even know what one is? Here’s a blog I wrote on what they are and why your small business needs a lead magnet.

Basically, a lead magnet is provided as a free download on your website in exchange for an email address.

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This email list is used for digital marketing and channeling your leads through a sales funnel.

Essential elements of a lead magnet

Downloadable freebies offer a targeted solution to a specific audience. They are easy to consume and provide immediate results.
Lead magnets come in a variety of formats. They can be:

  • Lists of resources
  • How to guides
  • How to video
  • Reference guides
  • Templates
  • Mini-courses
  • Infographics
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • eBooks

Ideas for lead magnets

Often an idea comes from a client asking a specific question. Or maybe you get the same question asked over and over again?
Wherever your ideas come from, they can provide a solution through digital content that’s accessed through a sign-up form.

digital content writing

Writing digital content

Online writing needs talk to your audience. It also needs to be well structured and follow a process. And provide a solution.

As you’re writing for the web, you need to use visuals plus use white space effectively. Your writing also needs to convey your brand, plus your popup needs to entice action.

Already have an idea for a lead magnet or need help coming up with an idea?

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