Hi, I’m Kelly.

If you’ve stumbled across my site welcome.

I live in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs and you’re probably wondering who I am.

So here’s my story

Well I’m a mum, Melbourne base blogger, digital marketer plus I’m a Microsoft Surface Brand Ambassador and I do a lot of other stuff too.

But I wasn’t always doing what I am now. I worked as a consultant data analyst and writer, academic, I’ve played around with GIS databases and way, way back I was even a Cartographer – Google it if you’re not sure what one is.

But I decided that what I really wanted to do was write full-time. So I did all I could do develop a new career as a writer. I built my own website, did writing courses and tried to start a business while working in another career.

As part of trying to promote my business I got into digital marketing in a big way. Then the world opened up for me.  I realised I just loving doing the work and not the business side of things. So I closed my business.

Now I work in this arena full-time, with Forj Marketing. Digital marketing is always changing and I love it. I’m so glad I took the plunge and tried different things to work out what I really wanted to do in life. And I hope you follow your dreams and take a chance and try something new.

So that’s me.  Head over to the Forj Marketing website and check out the exciting things we do.

Kelly-O'Donnell-runner Kelly-cycling Jungle surfing wedding

I believe in self improvement and I’m always eager to learn. I’m trying to learn French – using an app of course, plus I’m also doing some other writing courses to hone my skills. When I’m not online I try and get out for a  run a few times a week but life often gets in the way. I’ve also just found the Warrandyte Mountain Bike Club and it’s fab!

But life is often tough and we don’t always get it right. So I’m here to share content about managing mental health issues, work-life balance, working from home, motivation and fitness plus some work-based stuff too. To me these are the things that I’d like to make some noise about online. So please join me.

Where to now?