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I’m Kelly O’Donnell and I’m based in Melbourne. I don’t let fears stop me from trying new things and I hope you get some inspiration and tips after reading my blog.

I’m a Wellness Advocate, runner, mountain biker (new to it and loving it), mum, research consultant and trying to write my first book. I’ve tried to start my own business but moved on from that now to focus on writing for pleasure.

I hope that you will join me on my journey and take your life to a new level…..

New on the blog

Essential Project Management Skills for 2018

This article is a guest post written by Victoria Lawes.   Introduction In 2018, we have all these project management tools, digital scheduling software and collaboration platforms, yet, the role of an active, human project manager is still far from...

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Content Marketing Benefits: 55 Proven Ways It Works

This is a guest post and infographic from Skilled.co. Skilled.co aims to improve the web development community. They provide real verified reviews of web development services, so you don’t have to worry about being overcharged, get poor results, or wait months and...

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How to create video content with Microsoft Office Mix

Disclaimer: I’m a Microsoft Surface Brand Ambassador and used Microsoft's Surface Pro to produce this blog and demonstration. As a digital marketer, I spend a fair bit of my time creating visual content. But, being able to add video content into the mix is becoming a...

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Mid-life crisis career change

A career change at 40 something now equals a mid-life crisis Or so it seems My dad worked in the same company for his entire life. That was back in the day when you received a gold watch for your long service to a company. But those days are long gone. Research from...

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7 effective ways to manage self-doubt

As a soloist, I’m constantly trying to do it alone. When working for yourself and by yourself, there’s no one to tell you daily that you’ve done a great job. Self-doubt can slip in at an time. But it doesn't have to be a major focus. You just need strategies to manage...

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Kelly O'Donnell
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Writer and Wellness Advocate
Kelly Nicole O'Donnell
Heidelberg Road,
Ivanhoe, Melbourne, 3079

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